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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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03 Jun 2000

ccTLD Administration Committee Teleconference
    2000.6.3 1300-1345 GMT

1. Interim Names Council member election
   Dr. Nii Quaynor is elected with wide margin.  See the separate announcement
   by Mr. Peter de Blanc.

2. Interim ccTLD Constituency Secretariat
   The election did not attract sufficient number of votes, and we decided
   to postpone the deadline to June 12 Monday.  See teh separete announcement
   on the votes by Mr. Peter de Blance.

3. ccTLD WG
   ICANN Service WG is progressing well, and we encourage the WG to post
   to ccTLD-discuss mailing list, followed by website for public

   Best Practice & Redelegation WG has good progress in some part of the
   issues and other areas need further progress. We recommend the WG to
   post the Best Practice part for public comment at cctld-discuss mailing
   list for ccTLD Consitutency review followed by website,
   and ask request for comment on the other parts.

   ICANN Funding WG is ready on the report for public comment within one

4. Alternates of Administration Committee and Names Council
   We encourage each member of AdCom and Names Council to have the alternate
   member, and Patricio Poblete will contact the persons who have not
   nominated their alternates yet.

5. Next Teleconferences

   June 19 Monday
   July 05 Wednesday

List of Participants:
   Peter de Blanc
   Kilnam Chon
   Patricio Poblete(Names Council)
   Oscar Robles was absent with apology(tried to call from Boston Airport)

kilnam chon

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