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07 Jul 2000

From: Kilnam Chon


ccTLD Administrative Committee Teleconferencing - draft summary

  Date: 2000.7.07 1300-1415 GMT

Discussed on the following topics;

1. Review of Previous Teleconference Summary
2. Agenda Update
3. Interim ccTLD Secretariat Report
Interim ccTLD Secretariat started its operation in late June, and the
temporary websites are up and running now(,
the permanent website, would be ready next week as soon as
the transfer is completed.

There are four members now at Interim ccTLD Secretariat;

   Kanchana Kanchanasut      Executive Director(AP, part time)
   Abhisak Chula             Deputy Executive Director(AP, part time)
   Sirin Palasri             Administrative Staff(AP, part time)
   Jean-Philippe Pick        Technical Officer(Europe, part time)

4. ccTLD Working Groups

4.1 ICANN Service
The document edited by Eva is stable now.  We recommend to go through the
final review during Yokohama Meeting next week.

4.2 Best Practice and Redelegation
There are two parts; Best Practice and Redelegation.
The Best Practice part is stable since mid-June, we recommend the document
be presented during Yokohama Meeting before we go for the approval vote
by the ccTLD Constituency members.

The Redelegation part comes with the (executive) summary and the main report,
which we recommend to combine.  We would like to see further progress before
we can stabilize this document during Yokohama Meeting next week, followed
by public comment and approval vote.

4.3 ccTLD Funding to ICANN
The document compiled by Peter de Blanc, the WG Chair, is going through
the voting among ccTLD Constituency members now.  We recommend to address
the following issues during Yokohama Meeting and beyond;

  (1) Amount of Funding to ICANN
      We need to come up with the amount of contribution we could make to
      ICANN for 1999-2000.
  (2) Condition
      We need to come up with the position on "Under what condition, we
      could contribute the amount to ICANN."
  (3) Payment Scheme
      We need to come up with the position of the payment scheme.  There
      are several schemes; the ccTLD Constituency collects the contributions
      from each ccTLD members, and pay to ICANN in lump sum, or each ccTLD
      to pay directly to ICANN.

4.4 ccTLD Bylaws/Articles
The ccTLD articles edited by Peter de Blanc and consequently revised by
Kilnam Chon need to be discussed and finalized soon so that we could go
through the Names Council members election based on the ccTLD articles,
who elect ICANN Board Director from DNSO this fall.  We decided to urge
the ccTLD Constituency to go through these processes without delay, and
we decided to come up with the recommended schedule to be tabled next

5. Yokohama Meetings

     Date/Time         Meeting                          Room
     --------------    ------------------------------   ---------------------
     7.11 1700-1900    ccTLD Secretariat Meeting        Intercontinental(2906)
     7.12 0900-1800    ccTLD Constituency Meeting
             0900-1000 AdCom                            Intercontinental(2906)
             1000-1100 Pre-Meeting(ICANN Funding WG)    "
             1100-1200 Pre-Meeting(ccTLD Bylaws WG)     "
             1300-1430 Plenary Meeting                  Kaiyotei(Sakura)
             1430-1600 ICANN Service WG                 "
             1600-1800 Best Practice & Redelegation WG  "
     7.13 0900-1800    ccTLD Constituency Meeting          Intercon(Ball Room)
             0900-1030 Best Practice & Redelegation WG
             1030-1200 ICANN Funding WG
             1300-1800 Plenary Meeting
     7.13 0900-1200    ICANN Orientation Meeting        Pacifico(501)
     7.13 1800-2000    DNSO/Constituency Secretariat    Pacifico(514)
     7.14 0700-0900    ccTLD AdCom                      Intercontinental(2906)
     7.14 0900-1800    DNSO Meeting(GA, NC)             Pacifico(101)
     7.15 0900-1800    ICANN Open Forum                 Pacifico(101)
     7.16 0900-1200    ICANN Board Meeting              Pacifico(101)
     7.16 0900-1800    Joint Workshop on DNSsec         Pacifico(413)
     7.17 0900-1700    Workshop on Multilingual Names   Pacifico(501)

6. Joint Meeting with GAC on Best Practice and Other Topics.
GAC asked Names Council members from ccTLD Constituency to participate the
part of GAC Meeting to discuss on the best practice and related issues.
We decided to recommend GAC to have two meetings; one organized by ccTLD
Constituency on July 13, and the other organized by GAC.  We further
recommend to offer choices to GAC on the joint meeting organized by ccTLD;
to invite GAC to Best Practice and Redelegation WG Meeting on 7.13 0900-1030,
or Adhoc Meeting with smaller group on 7.13 0730-0900.

7. ICANN Documents Posted This Week
ICANN posted a few documents including Discussion Draft of ccTLD Manager-
ICANN "Status Quo" Agreement, 5 July 2000 with one week public comment period.

We could not discuss much on this topic during today's teleconference,
and we strongly urge ccTLD Constituency members to review the document, and
we would like to discuss now through Yokohama Meeting next week to come up
with ccTLD Constituency position.

8. UDRP for ccTLD
UDRP for ccTLD has been discussed among various members, and it may be time
to come up with some action item on this topic.

We could not disucss on this topic due to lack of time today, and recommend
to discuss over the Internet and during Yokohama Meeting next week.

Appendix: Participant List

AdCom:        Kilnam Chon
              Oscar Robles
              Antony van Couvering
              Patricio Poblete
              Peter de Blanc(absent with apology)
              Dennis Jennings(absent)
              Yann Kwok(absent)
Secretariat:  Kanchana Kanchanasut
              Abhisak Chulya
              Sirin Palasri
Observer:     Elisabeth Porteneuve

Remark: Room Reservation

1. Intercontinental (Suite 2906)

   7.11-14 ccTLD  $1000/day

2. Kaiyotei
   7.12 1300-1800  Sakura($1800)

3. Pacifico

   7.13 0900-1800  Intercontinental(Ball Room East)(to be paid by ICANN/JPNIC)


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