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Administration Committee Yokohama meeting minutes

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14 Jul 2000

Date: 2000.7.14 0730-0900 AM, Grand InterContinental Hotel, Rm 2906

Yokohama, Japan

Discussed on the following items.

Chairman: Peter de Blanc

Reporteur: Abhisak Chulya, ccTLD Secretariat

1. Yokohama Meeting Schedule Update


0700-0900 ccTLD AdCom (Intercontinental 2906)

0900-1015 GAC Meeting (AdCom and NC members are invited)

0900-1800 DNSO Meeting (Pacifico 101)

2. Working Groups

For Working Group Report, Willie Black would come up with a draft of Procedures and Antony van Couvering had agreed to edit one time only with no responsibility afterward.

The question was how to proceed, any procedures that we should follow. Should we use DNSO scheme? Antony volunteered to come up with a scheme before November. But in any case Kilnam Chon suggested that it be at consensus level before going to ICANN. Dennis Jennings reminded the meeting that CENTR General Assembly would be held on 18 and 19 of September so the WGs drafts should be ready and submitted to CENTR two weeks in advance (around Sep. 1 or 2).

3. Working Groups Status Reports

3.1 ICANN Service

Nii will keep Eva as a co-chair. Contact points in each region needed to be updated because some of them may be obsolete.

3.2 Best Practices and Re/delegation

The first part on Best Practices was stable, and the WG chair had been asked to post to for public comments with appropriate cover letter. The second part on Re/delegation had been posted to cctld-discuss this week. Due to lack of time, the WG chair had been asked to post to next week after revising comments he may receive from cctld-discuss this week.

3.3 ccTLD Funding to ICANN

Kilnam Chon stated that currently the amount of money pledged by ccTLD members was 750,000 USD. CENTR had pledged $600,000 while the rest had pledged $150,000. Japan and Taiwan were slow but Kilnam Chon expected them to pledge big amount. So all in all the total amount that we could expect was around $1,000,000. But ICANN asked for 1.4 million USD. How could we find the difference? We needed to discuss about this funding in an open forum. The reason we should contribute funding to ICANN was because we wanted to keep ICANN happy by being a good citizen and also we needed ICANN for technical aspect but not an authority. Peter de Blanc indicated that contributing to ICANN was better for a long term relationship and would encourage ICANN to work with us. To conclude, we would put up the best effort to come up with 1.4 million USD. Peter de Blanc asked the Secretariat to circulate and update the contributions to ccTLD members constantly. For ICANN, they needed to know only the lump sum amount. This amount of 1.4 million USD was for the year 1999-2000 ending June 30. There would be no further contribution for the year 2000-2001 until we had discussions with ICANN. And in that case ICANN may even get more contributions from ccTLDs.

3.4 ccTLD Bylaws

Should we have details of Election in Bylaws? Conclusion was that it would be too bulky and should not be in Bylaws, only small portion stating of election but no details. It was noted that IATLD was non-regional.

4. Interim ccTLD Secretariat

The funding to support the Interim ccTLD Secretariat work from June to December was about 60,000 to 70,000 USD. We needed to take action. Details of cash flow should be transparent including monthly expenses.

We should form a committee for election of permanent ccTLD Secretariat. This election process should be included in the Bylaws as well.

5. Name Council Election

We needed volunteers to come up with election rules by August or September.

Actions to be taken:

a) Contact Willie Black to volunteer,

b) Revise whether who can vote.

6. Meeting in November

We decided to keep the same format and would have a two-day meeting in November with ICANN which composed of ccTLD WGs, Plenary meeting and Workshop. Secretariat would have to do more work on posting the schedule to ccTLD members to reduce confusion for new comers with the meeting format.

7. Geographical Selection of ccTLD

We would have ccTLD managers to self-select which of five regionals they wanted to be in. Secretariat would request all ccTLD managers in the next two weeks.

8. Next Teleconference

2000.8.14 Monday 1300-1400 GMT


Peter de Blanc, Chair

Kilnam Chon

Yann Kwok

Patricio Poblete

Dennis Jennings

Nii N. Quaynor

Antony van Couvering

Observer: Sue Leader

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