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Yokohama Joint Workshop on Multilingual Internet Names

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17 Jul 2000

Joint Workshop on Multilingual Internet Names

Version 1.2

   Date: 2000.7.17 Monday 0900-1700
   Place: Yokohama Pacifico (Room 501)

Hosting Organizations:

   MINC(Multilingual Internet Names Consortium)

Organizing Committee:

   YJ Park,      Co-Chair
   Shigeki Goto, Co-Chair
   Yann Kwok
   Oscar Robles
   Peter de Blanc
   Antony van Couvering

Program Committee:

   Kilnam Chon, Chair
   Tan Tinwee
   Yoshiro Yoneya

Workshop Program

 Theme: Introduction of multilingual internet names to ICANN-INET
        participants from 100 countries.

 0900-1130 Tutorial
           Chair Tan Tinwee

   Introduction of what is the multilingual internet names to general users
   of the Internet, i.e., ICANN and INET participants

     Case: multilingual domain names
     Case: other multilingual names

 1300-1500 Technical Perspective Session
           Chaird by Y Yoneya

   Describe the current status on technology to support the multilingual

      James Seng (IETF/idn)
      Martin Duerst (IETF/W3C)
      David Conrad (ISC/Nominum)
      Bill Semich (.nu)
      Wen-Sung Chen (TWNIC)
      Yasuhiro Morishita (JPNIC)
      Patik Falstrom
      Manoj Srivastava (NSI)
      Open discussion

 1530-1700 Global Perspective Session
           Chaired by YJ Park

   Presentation from each region's perspective(10~15 minutes each) followed
   by discussion

     Africa (Yann Kwok)
     Europe (Eva Froelich)
     Arab (Mohamed Gergawi)
     Asia (HL Qian)
     North America (Peter de Blanc)
     Latin America (Oscar Robles)

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