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Tentative agenda for ICANN/IANA - ccTLD Administrators Meeting in Marina del Rey, 14 November 2000

14 November 2000, 16:00 - 18:00

Marina Beach Marriott Hotel, Pacific Room

  1. Status of drafting of ICANN-ccTLD agreements
  2. Status of drafting of ICANN letter to governments re ccTLD delegations as requested by GAC
  3. ccTLD Administrator suggestions on improvements in ICANN/IANA administrative and operational support to ccTLDs.
  4. Formation of small group to represent ccTLDs in discussions with ICANN on budget and related matters
  5. ccTLD Administrator comments on pending ICANN agreements with root server operators
  6. ccTLD Administrator comments on ICANN Staff working paper on cost recovery/revenue structure


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