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ccTLD Constituency Meeting in Melbourne

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Executive Summary of ccTLD Melbourne Meeting on March 9 and 10, 2001

Chaired and Co-chaired by Peter Dengate Thrush (Asia Pacific AdCom) and Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council)

Written by Abhisak Chulya

Meeting started at 9:00 AM

It should be pointed out that we had a good participation from ICANN staff and Board members. Here they are: Vint Cerf, Stuart Lynn, Mike Roberts, Louis Touton, Herbert Vizthum, Linda Wilson, Jonathan Cohen, Ivan Campos, Robert Blokzijl, Ken Fockler and Helmut Schink.

Agenda on Mar. 9

1. Third ICANN-ccTLD Administrators meeting

1.1 Presentations 9:00 - 10:00

ICANN staff supposed to meet with ccTLDs for the whole morning but Mike Roberts and Louis Touton had to leave at 10:00 for GAC meeting. Louis Touton and Andrew McLaughlin were back for the evening session (see item 4). The new and important issue in item 1 is the sheet handout that Mike Roberts presented to us on funding structure (details of this sheet will be in Minutes). This structure is based on proportional registry size approach and is presented to Finance committee on the same afternoon that Peter de Blanc, Willie Black and W.S.Chen (proxy to Bill Semich) are members.

2. ccTLD Constituency meeting 10:30 - 12:30

After ICANN staff left, there are some discussions on funding structure whether it should be "fixed band" approach or "proportional registry size" approach.

Lunch break. Peter de Blanc, Willie Black and W.S.Chen (proxy to Bill Semich) go to Finance Committee meeting. 12:00 - 18:00

3. ccTLD Constituency meeting 14:00 - 18:00

3.1 Working Group 14:00 - 15:00

Language Diversity in ICANN Working Practices, chaired by Pilar Luque There were a very good number of participants and this session went very well. Pilar will report to the General Assembly tomorrow (Mar. 10) on the progress.

3.2 Attend ccTLD-GAC meeting, invited by GAC 15:00 - 16:30

4. Third ccTLD-ICANN Meeting: Discussions 17:00 - 18:00
(continued from morning session)

Louis Touton and Andrew McLaughlin from ICANN staff have come back and continued discussion regarding ccTLD-ICANN meeting from the morning session.

After item 4 ended, Willie Black has just got back from Finance Committee meeting and first reported to the audience. Peter de Blanc then came later and also presented his brief report from the FC meeting. There was controversy on the issue of whether Peter de Blanc has reflected what ccTLDs have agreed upon in Budget Group. Peter promised to give a full report first thing tomorrow (Mar. 10) morning.

Agenda for Mar. 10

1. AdCom face-to-face meeting 9:00 - 9:15 AM

AdCom has a face-to-face meeting to readjust the agenda. Participants were Peter Dengate Thrush, Peter de Blanc, Patricio Poblete, Yann Kwok, Fay Howard and Antony Van Couvering.

2. Plenary Session I 9:15 - 12:30

2.1 Reported by Peter de Blanc on ICANN Budget Group meeting

Peter de Blanc (PDB) has reported to the meeting on the outcome of Budget Group (BG) meeting: what he suggested and proposed to the BG. Some participants are not pleased with what PDB has done and proposed for voting of approval. Sue Leader proposed a vote of no confidence of Peter de Blanc. However, Chair of the meeting (PDT) has proposed to set up this motion and asked for voting:

"That Peter de Blanc has reflected the views of the ccTLD constituency expressed at the meeting to the Funding Task Force."

Result of voting:
In favor: 10
Not in favor: 7
Abstention: 2

Please note that: only ccTLD managers or their proxies are eligible to vote (Secretariat has provided white ribbons attached to nametags for ccTLD managers only).

2.2 Interim ccTLD Secretariat Report by Abhisak Chulya

Abhisak Chulya presented what Interim Secretariat has accomplished for the past eight and a half months including organized meetings, minutes and reports, translations, web site and maintenance, Names Council Election, and accounting. Chairman set the motion for vote of approval and participants gave the approval unanimously for the whole team.

2.3 Permanent Secretariat Proposal Presentation by BK Kim

BK Kim presented Revised Permanent Secretariat Proposal and how this proposal will be able to provide services to ccTLD community in the long term. There are some suggestions to the Proposal and BK Kim will revise and post it on ccTLD discuss list for final comment before it goes for voting by ccTLD registries. Please note that this is the only proposal for permanent secretariat that submitted by 31 January 2001.

2.4 GAC Meeting Report by Fay Howard

Fay Howard reported to the audience on what happened in GAC meeting yesterday (Mar. 9). It is concluded that a bilateral agreement between ICANN and a ccTLD manager would not necessarily preclude the transfer to a trilateral arrangement in the future, should it be appropriate. The Constituency sees no need for ICANN to communicate first with governments before entering into agreements with ccTLD managers and urges ICANN to conclude these agreements as soon as possible.

3. Plenary Session II 14:00 - 18:00

3.1 WG Reports

- Best Practices

Best Practices document: Based on Best Practices document revised in Marina del Rey, the meeting participants had made some more revisions. After completing final draft, Chairman set the motion to approve this document and the motion is:

"That Best Practices Guidelines For ccTLD Managers Document Be Accepted"

In favor: 11
.cl, .vi, .mx, .at, .au, .nc,.cz, .tg, .nz, .fr, .es

Oppose: 2
.no, .tv

Abstention: 12
.uk, .gg,. je, .jp, .hm,.sb, .my, .tw, .tp, .ae, .de, .dk

Therefore, the cctld managers or their proxies agreed on this final draft of Best Practices. It now will go for ratification by an on-line vote of the wider constituency. This document intended to form the basis of practices referred to in the ICANN contract, subject to amendment for local requirements.

- ICANN Contract for Services

ICANN Contract for Services document, again based on the version revised in Marina del Rey, the audience had made some more revisions but they did not agree on the final draft. Therefore, revisions will have to be continued on-line.

- Language Diversity in ICANN Working Practices

Language Diversity in ICANN Working Practices, Pilar Luque, Chair of the working group, had reported to the meeting on the progress from yesterday meeting (Mar. 9). The conclusion is that there should be translation of key documents posted for public comment which will improve the global participation in ICANN. It is also advocated the provision of simultaneous interpretation by interpreters who are suitably trained in Internet terminology. The motion has been set for voting and it was approved unanimously. The meeting agreed to present these results to ICANN Board on 12 March ICANN Public Forum via ccTLD Communique.

- Christmas Islands case study

Christmas Island case study, there has been discussion widely on the situation in .cx registry where a new organisation fully meets the Best Practice guidelines of the ccTLD Constituency and has the approval of the Local Internet Community including the locally elected government but ICANN still does not record this change. The meeting decided to present this situation to ICANN board directly on 12 March ICANN Public Forum via ccTLD Communique.

3.2 Invited Speaker, John Klensin, by IATLD to talk about outstanding issues related to ccTLDs and ICANN.

John Klensin presentation, he has pointed out a number of outstanding issues between ccTLD and ICANN:

3.3 AOB, Summary and Communique

The meeting decided to draft a communique to present to ICANN Board on 12 March during ICANN Public Forum and Chairman PDT has volunteered to draft the Communique for us to review before we presented to ICANN Board.

Meeting adjourn at 18:30

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