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Executive Summary of ccTLD Montevideo Meeting on 6-7 Sep 2001

Chair: Patricio Poblete, LAC AdCom and .cl
Co-chair: Oscar Robles, ccTLD Names Council and .mx, and Peter Dengate Thrush, Chair of APTLD Board and .nz

Donation at the gate: 2,600 USD and 2,000 Pesos

Written by: Abhisak Chulya and Seung-Yeon Yoo

There were 75 registered participants, 65 ccTLD managers represented, and 45 ccTLD managers or proxies present at this meeting.

Day one (Sep. 6):

Morning Session:

After listening presentations from Peter Dengate Thrush, Peter de Blanc, Elisabeth Porteneuve, Marianne Wolfsgruber, and Stephan Welzel

the meeting discussed on the structure of ccSO.

The 2 types of structure of the ccSO proposed by the ccTLDs are individual and regional.

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of membership, it was greatly favored to have individual memberships with the members able to give their proxies to regional or "other" groupings within the ccSO.

Afternoon Session:

Discussion continued on policy and structure of ccSO including working closely with ICANN stakeholders.

The final outcome of the resolution on policy, structure and consensus building with ICANN stakeholders is in ccTLD Communique 20010909.ccTLDmontevideo-communique.html present to ICANN Board of Directors during ICANN Public Forum on Sep. 9, 2001.

The meeting also agreed to change the Stockholm resolution 20010601.ccTLDstockholm-communique.html to a correct fiscal year (from June 30, 2001 to December 31, 2001). Therefore, ccTLD Constituency will continue to fund the DNSO until December 31, 2001.

ccTLD Names Council will vote for one ICANN Board of Directors seat which will be held on September 9, 2001. The meeting agreed to give guidance to our NC.

Therefore, it conducted two polls:

  1. Proposal to bind the direction for Names Council to vote

    In favor 19
    Against 1
    Abstain 10

  2. Secret vote or Open vote to choose the candidates for binding:

    In favor 12 (secret vote)
    Against 10 (open vote)
    Abstain 7

ccTLDs decided to invite all the candidates present in Montevideo and (will) ask them questions tomorrow (Sep. 7) so that ccTLD managers can decide who to choose. The questions were sent to the candidates who were not present at Montevideo to answer via email to be presented to the meeting.

Day Two (Sep. 7):

Morning Session:

Discussions regarding ICANN Board seats for ccSO, if formed within ICANN, were made. Here are the propositions:

  1. ALM-6, ASO-3, PSO-3, DNSO-3, ccSO-3
    (Proposed by At-large Study Committee)
  2. ALM-5, ASO-3, PSO-3, DNSO-3, ccSO-4
    (Proposed by Peter Dengate Thrush)
  3. ALM-3, ASO-3, PSO-3, DNSO-3, ccSO-6
    (Proposed by Elisabeth Porteneuve)
  4. ALM-5, ASO-3, PSO-3, DNSO-3, GSO-2*, ccSO-2
    (Proposed by Mike Roberts)
    (GSO is generic Registrar and Registry)

There was no consensus reached on this issue.

Bernard Turcott, CEO of CIRA(.ca) and Maureen Cubberley, CIRA Board, have given the meeting an update on negotiation of agreement with ICANN which has not yet been finalized.

ccTLD Constituency invited other constituencies of DNSO to our meeting to discuss on ccSO Formation. They were all very supportive and wanted to keep communication channels open.

ccTLD Constituency will also be in touch with ASO and PSO.

Afternoon Session:

The ICANN Board and Staff (Amadeu Abril I Abril, Andrew McLaughlin, Herbert Vizthum) presented their views on ccSO Formation.

We have also invited the At Large Study Committee (Carl Bildt, Pindar Wong, Esther Dyson, Chuck Costello) to give us their perspective on why they chose to go with "Individual Domain Name Holders" as a mean of participation in ICANN process.

Amadeu Abril i Abril and Paul Kane were the only two candidates to be at our meeting to answer the questions.

Jefsey Morfin sent in the questionnaire late and could not be presented to the meeting.

After their answers, ccTLD managers voted behind closed door and final results were:

  1. First Round: Total 60 votes

    Amadeu Abril i Abril: 34 votes
    Paul Kane: 25 votes
    Joanna Lane: 0
    Jefsey Morfin: 0
    Abstain: 1

  2. Second Round: Total 59 votes

    Paul Kane: 46
    Joanna Lane: 2
    Jefsey Morfin: 9
    Spoiled: 2

  3. Third Round: Total 48 votes

    Joanna Lane: 15
    Jefsey Morfin: 15
    Abstain: 18

Amadeu Abril i Abril was chosen to be the first choice of candidate for ccTLD Names Council to vote for ICANN Board and Paul Kane as the second choice.

Since there was a tie in third round, it will be up to Names Council to choose between Joanna Lane and Jefsey Morfin.

Note that on Sep. 8 from 9:30 - 12:00, Herbert Vitzthum of ICANN has organized the IANA Workshop for ccTLD managers. 29 ccTLD representatives attended.

After this meeting, the ccTLD managers drafted the statement 20010909.ccTLDmontevideo-IANA-communique.html expressing their concerns on slow actions by IANA. This was presented to ICANN Board during ICANN Public Forum by Pilar Luque.

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