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ccTLD Constituency Meeting in Marina del Rey

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ICANN Network Security Discussion-Chinese Group

Date: November 13, 2001
Time: 3:45p.m. -5:30p.m.

Venue: Santa Monica

Moderators: Vincent W.S. Chen .TWNIC. & Qiheng Hu .CNNIC & ISOC-China.

Attendees: Lulin Gao.CNNIC., Mao Wei .CNNIC., James Yu .Neu Star., Monika Ermert .Heise., Joanna Tso.TWNIC., Anthony S. Lee .TWNIC., Albert Wang .TWNIC., Alan C.K. Wang (ITS-HK), Ted Hardie (Nominum), Ching-Shen Lin(MOTC-Taiwan), Ching-Fu Kuo (TWNIC), Sean H.W. Chu (DGT-Taiwan),Chien-Wen Wang (BSMI-Taiwan), Nan-Hsin Chen (NSYSU-Taiwan)

The following proposed suggestions are to ICANN for improving and re-strengthening the network security. The suggestions separate into four divisions: Root Server, TLD Name Server, DNS, and other Recommendations, which represented and expressed the attendees. opinions, to provide ICANN and the Internet community for network security references.

Root Server

TLD .gTLD &ccTLD.Name Server


Other Recommendations:

Attendee's Contact Information:

Organization Name e-mail Economy
TWNIC Vincent W.S. Chen Taiwan
ISOC-China Qiheng Hu China
TWNIC Albert Wang Taiwan
TWNIC Joanna Tso Taiwan
TWNIC Nan-Hsin Chen Taiwan
ABMI/MOEA Chien-Wen Wang Taiwan
TWNIC Ching-Fu Kuo Taiwan
MOTC Ching-Shen Lin Taiwan
DGT Sean H.W. Chu Taiwan
ITS-HK Alan C.K. Wong Hong Kong
Nominum Ted Hardie U.S.A.
CNNIC Lulin Gao China
CNNIC Mao Wei China
NeuStar James Yu U.S.A.
TWNIC Anthony Lee Taiwan
Heise Monika Ermert Germany

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