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Eric Barbry

Written after CENTR meeting in Bled, Slovenia, in September 2001

  • 1. Purpose

    The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a detailed audit of the model ICANN - ccTLD Manager Memorandum of Understanding . Legacy Situation (MoU) and Model ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement . Triangular Situation (Triangular Agreement) taking into consideration the discussion of the agreements at CENTR's General Assembly in Bled.

  • 2. Context

    ICANN and the ccTLD registries have been working to create a formal relationship and in 2000 CENTR sent its own proposal to ICANN for an agreement.

    ICANN did not respond to this proposal and on September 2, 2001 posted the MoU and Triangular Agreement.

    The following will provide an analysis of such agreements. It must be clear that the following is simply a clause-by-clause analysis of the proposed contracts by ICANN and in no way pertain to the contract submitted by CENTR nor should it be considered as a proposal of any kind.

  • 3. General observations

    Before specifically discussing the agreements, there are several issues that must be considered.

  • 4. Triangular Agreement

  • 5. Memorandum of Understanding
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