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Special Workshop on Internet Stability and Security - Comment (Draft)

Kilnam Chon


There are the following stability and security issues.

  1. Root server

    - Stability and Security

  2. Name server

    - Stability and Security

  3. DNS

    - Security

  4. Internationalized Domain Name

    - Stability

  1. Root Server

    The stability and security of the root server are the most important issue compared with the other issues. The current root server is designed in such a way that it has been stable and secure so far, but we are not sure how robus is the current root server against elaborate attacks. Thus, we had better study on this matter thoroughly.

    For stability of the root server access among many countries, it would be worthwhile to consider to have an elaborate cache in these countries if they do not have one of the root server in their countries. Future addition of the root server should be seriously considered for many countries where the root server access is substantial.

  2. Name server

    The stability and security of TLD name servers are also important, and serious consideration should be given. Some of the recommendation I can think about are as follows;

    1. Development of guideline for security and stability of TLD name servers. We may study on the current operation of gTLDs, and large ccTLDs as well as small ccTLDs to come up with the guideline.

    2. Consider replication and cache of these name servers in many countries. These are vitally important for stability of the name servers as the access traffic could be substantial now and in future.

    3. The name servers for small ccTLDs should be given attention regarding their operation since it may not be easy to have good operatio under the given condition.

    4. Tutorial and workshop may be considered for operation of the TLD name servers as part of global effort to stabilize the name servers.

  3. DNS

    Not only the server system as mentioned above, but also DNS itself should be considered regarding security. DNSsec is one of the approaches to be considered.

  4. Internationalized Domain Names

    The internationalized domain names (IDN) require additional consideration for stability of the Internet. Both the internationalized TLD and the internationalized domain names in general pose various stability issues; technical, and operational as well as policy. Unfortunately, we don't have enough experience to address the issues properly now, and particular attention should be paid now.




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