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ccTLD IDN TF Charter

Version: 1.0
Written: October 30, 2002 (by Young-Eum Lee,
Version 1.1
Revised: November 21, 2002 (by Young-Eum Lee,
Version 1.2
Revised: February 25, 2003 (by Young-Eum Lee,

Chair: Young-Eum Lee (

  1. Introduction
  2. Various local, regional, and global efforts towards the development of internationalized domain names (IDN) have existed since the late 1990s. Recently, IDN went through the standardization process at IETF which approved publication of four proposed standards.

    In light of these activities, the ccTLD community, with its international membership consisting of the major users of IDN, is considered to be the most appropriate group for coordinating internationalized domain name efforts around the globe.

  3. Objectives
  4. The objective of this Task Force is to provide a regular forum among the various stakeholders of IDN development so that we may coordinate IDN activities in order to enable the ccTLD registries to prepare for IDN services. The coordinating activities of the ccTLD IDN Task Force will include i) providing a forum for exchanging information and addressing issues for the various language groups and ii) encouraging further participation in the development and deployment of IDNs.

  5. Work Items
  6. The ccTLD IDN Task Force has the following work items in mind.

    • - Development of Issues List
    • - Development of Best Practices List
    • - Create archives of various resources from around the world
    • - Undertake public relations effort, including outreach

  7. Schedule
  8. Pre-Meeting: 2002 Dec. 14, in Amsterdam First IDN Forum: Feb. 25 (Tue), 2003: During APRICOT in Taipei IDN Committee Meeting: March 22, 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Second IDN Forum: June 21, 2003 in Montreal, Canada

  9. Participants
  10. There is no limitation on the qualification of participants. Although the ccTLDs will be playing a major role, people who are interested in IDN development are strongly encouraged to participate. We especially would like to invite the participation of the various language groups.

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