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ccTLD IDN TF Issues Identified

During the ccTLD IDN TF workshop, meeting in Taipei on Feb. 25, 2002, there was general agreement on the following issues related with IDNs:

  1. Information exchange about experiments and the experience on services is needed.(e.g., CJK model)

  2. In respect for the IETF standards, xn-- needs to be blocked universally at all levels of domain names under the jurisdiction of TLDs.

  3. Registration Policies should be determined by the respective TLDs

  4. User requirements should be addressed, not only in registration but also in resolution.

  5. Sensitivity to the multilingual and multicultural community's requirements is needed.

  6. Interoperable implementation of IDNs need to be coordinated globally by test coordinators.

  7. Formation and deployment of variant tables in respective languages need to be consulted amongst all of its users.(e.g., CJK Mapping)

  8. DRP issue needs further discussion.

  9. The charter of the ccTLD IDN TF was accepted.

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