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ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Rio de Janeiro

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ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23-25 March 2003

ccTLD - GAC Meeting in Rio, 24 March 2003

Issues Concerned ccTLD

Issue 1: In terms of the GAC vision - is the GAC looking to encourage the use of ccTLDs and industry self regulation (within the parameters of national law); or is the objective to regulate the management of ccTLDs (in addition to national law) and promote the alternatives to ccTLDs?

Issue 2: Many ccTLD Registries have policy development mechanisms which involve the Internet community being served by the ccTLD and which are adjusted to the respective local environment. Is the GAC of the opinion that such local mechanisms should and can at all be replaced by a uniform policy development process for ccTLDs? If so, what is the GAC's recommended framework in this instance?

Issue 3: What is the GAC's view on the ICANN ccNSO process and design?

Issue 4: Does the GAC endorse the ccNSO project which may (if the ccNSO has "binding" authority) impact policy development processes within the ccTLD at the national level? Specifically, how does the GAC view the possibility that 'binding policy' may be imposed on a ccTLD from outside the country (i.e by ICANN) which although not specifically contrary to the national law of the ccTLD may be contrary to national Public Policy? Does the GAC feel that individual countries should therefore retain the power to able to enter "reservations" when ICANN Global Policies are set?

Issue 5: What does the GAC see as the options for handling contentious ccTLD reassignment requests and which ones of these are favored? Which options does the GAC believe are preferable and what is the preferred method of implementation? Should the ccTLD reassignment requests be left to the appropriate national process under national law or should it concern some "other" body? (- if "other" please elaborate)

Issue 6: Does GAC recommend that the duty of care and liability for providing a robust ccTLD registry service rests with:

  1. the internet community served by the ccTLD (-including Government)
  2. exclusively the government
  3. ICANN or another international body

Issue 7: What is the GAC's opinion regarding the organizational separation of the central database of the technical parameters of the internet from the non technical global policy development forum?

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