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GAC Principles for delegation and administration of ccTLDs

A non-paper on the possibility for an updating

WG4 work from Rio to Montreal

The GAC, at its meeting in Rio in March 2003 established a ccTLD working group (WG 4) and gave it two short-term priority tasks: 1) Preparation of a GAC advice on the ccNSO; and 2) consideration of the appropriateness of an updating of the February 2000 GAC principles for delegation and administration of ccTLDs.

On the second of these priority tasks, the Working Group considered appropriate to prepare a preliminary discussion paper for the GAC meeting in Montreal. Based on the response from the GAC, the real redrafting work will take place after the Montreal meeting and in view of the Carthage meeting.

No GAC member has opposed the idea of updating the GAC principles or any of the ideas expressed in the initial non-paper.

The GAC is asked to endorse the lines proposed and instruct WG 4 to update the GAC principles with a view to proposing a text to the GAC meeting in Carthage.

  1. Introduction
  2. This paper addresses the possibility of updating and adapting the GAC Principles to take into account the various experiences since the year 2000 and the recent developments concerning the ICANN reform. The updated principles should set an appropriate framework for the relationship of individual governments with ICANN in relation to their ccTLDs.

    The ICANN reform has recognised an enhanced advisory role for the GAC. It has also, for the first time, recognised the ccTLDs as a separate constituency with an own SO (ccNSO). These aspects of the ICANN reform should be reflected in the GAC Principles, as well as the newly defined ccTLD-related ICANN mission. Another goal of the updating exercise may be to clarify delegation or re-delegation processes which have been causing dissatisfaction among certain governments and ccTLD managers and which have not enabled ICANN to deal with all requests in a timely manner. The present GAC Principles are not sufficiently clear regarding the procedures for designation and delegation of a ccTLD.

    Moreover, there may be a need to clarify certain statements in the GAC Principles which either need more specific language to ensure that their purpose is understood correctly (e.g. clause 10.2.1 with respect to zone file transfers to ICANN), or which need to take into account national law provisions in GAC member countries.

    As a corollary of the effort undertaken to clarify the relationships among the various parties concerned and their respective roles regarding ccTLD issues, the update of GAC Principles could be a stepping stone to improve internationalisation of delegation and re-delegation processes.

  3. Objectives
  4. It is proposed that the GAC initiates an updating of the GAC Principles having the following objectives in mind:

  5. Consultation with ICANN and the ccTLD community
  6. Before adopting updated GAC principles it would be useful to discuss certain issues with ICANN and the ccTLD community in order to create a common understanding and commitment to the GAC principles, and to achieve a maximum efficiency in applying the GAC principles in practice.

    To the extent they refer to the role of ICANN, the updated GAC principles would have the standing of "GAC advice" according to article XI, section 2.1, paragraphs j) and K) of the new ICANN bylaws.

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