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ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Carthage

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ccTLD ICANN Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia, 26-30 October 2003

ccTLD Schedule version 5, final, 22 Oct

ccTLD Meetings' documents: 20031026.Carthage-documents.html

  1. ccTLD Meeting
  2. Dates: 26, 27 and 28 October, 2003 (Sunday - Monday - Tuesday)
    Location: Carthage Palace Hotel
    Room: Carthage 3

    Detailed Schedule:

    1. Day 1: 26 October 2003
    2. Chairs: Yann Kwok and Pierre Ouedraogo

      • 09:00 - 12:30 Plenary 1

        • Opening and welcome from the Hosts

          A formal invitation to the ICANN meeting, from Prof Faryel Mouria-Beji, President and CEO of Tunisian Internet Agency Carthage-invitation-ICANN.pdf.

        • Volunteers for Carthage Communique

          Session Leader: Paul Kane

        • ccTLDs and Governments
          • - WSIS, a view from APTLD, Peter Dengate Thrush
          • - WSIS, a view from CENTR, Tim Mertens

          Session Leader: Peter Dengate Thrush

        • Article IX ICANN Bylaws Revisited, Stephan Welzel

      • 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch [Sponsorship Sought]

      • 14:00 - 18:00 Plenary 2

          Session Leader: Elisabeth Porteneuve

        • IDN Update

          Session Leader: Willie Black

        • Data Privacy
          • gNSO Whois Steering Group Workshop 29 October, Bruce Tonkin and SG Members

          Important: The ccTLD meeting on Sunday adjourns until Monday afternoon. The ccTLDs present in Carthage are invited to observe AFTLD's first GA on Monday morning.

        • Sunday Evening

            October musical evenings at the Acropolium in Carthage,
            Stefan ARNOLD, piano (Austrian)

    3. Day 2: 27 October 2003
    4. Chair: Pierre Ouedraogo

      • 14:00 - 18:00 Plenary 3

        Session Leader: Yann Kwok

        • Report on AFTLD GA decisions
        • Presentations from African registries: .TN, .KE, .MR (Sid Ahmed Ould Fadel), .SN (Alex Corentin), .ZA
        • Presentation on Afnic's College International, by Sid Ahmed Ould Fadel (representing Ahmedou Ould Haouba, University of Nouakchott)

      • Monday Evening

          Social Event: ccTLD dinner
          A sign-up sheet, providing the name of the restaurant and the time will be available and circulated during the meeting.

          October musical evenings at the Acropolium in Carthage
          Two pianists: Jean - Noël REMICHE and Pascal THIBAUX (Belgian)

    5. Day 3: 28 October 2003
    6. Chair: Pierre Ouedraogo

  3. ccTLD Name Server Training Workshop

  4. Dates: 29 - 30 October, 2003 (Wednesday - Thursday)
    Location: Carthage Palace Hotel
    Room: Carthage 10
    Details: see:
    Trainers: Bill Manning (USA), Adiel Akplogan (Togo and RIPE NCC), Geoff Sisson (Nominet, UK)

    • Wednesday Evening

        Social Event: ICANN Carthage reception
        Evening after dinner at the Phénix in Carthage in the « caïdale tent" with an oriental flavour.

    • Thursday Evening

        Social Event: ICANN Carthage reception
        Dinner at the Acropolium in Carthage with women playing traditional music, followed by a traditional costume fashion show.


  6. Date: 27 October, 2003, Monday, Morning Only
    Location: Carthage Palace Hotel
    Room: Carthage 5
    Details: see:

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