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Letter from the ISO 3166/MA Secretary, Cord Wischhöfer, to the ccTLD Managers

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:16:26 +0100
From: Wischhoefer 
Subject: ISO 3166-1 and CS for Serbia and Montenegro
To: Elisabeth Porteneuve 

Dear Elizabeth,

I read at
that you are going to be the session leader for plenary 4 of the ccTLD ICANN
Meetings in Carthage, Tunisia.

Please provide the participants of the meeting with the following pieces of

- The ISO 3166/MA is well aware of the IAB statement (and other
organizations' statements) regarding possible problems created by the
re-assignment of CS to the country name Serbia and Montenegro.

- The ISO 3166/MA is in contact with ICANN and its IANA function on this

- A final decision on whether the assignment of CS to Serbia and Montenegro
in ISO 3166-1 can be upheld or should be withdrawn will be taken by the ISO
3166/MA later this year.

- In the ongoing periodic review of the rules governing ISO's country code
standard the ISO 3166/MA proposes to either delete the clause allowing the
re-use of code elements  to modify it in a way that will considerably
lengthen the period of non-use before re-assignment can be considered an

- Such a change in the rules governing the assignment of codes in ISO 3166-1
would prevent the recurrence of similar problems in the future.

If there are any questions on this matter please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Cord Wischhöfer
ISO 3166/MA Secretary
Tel.: +41 22 749 72 33
Fax: +41 22 749 73 49

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