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ccNSO topics, first post on 24 Oct, final 6 Nov 2005

Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions on the draft agenda. Below is the final version of the topics. We will work on fitting this in to the time slots on 30th November and 1st December and publish a formal agenda as soon as possible.

Chris Disspain

ccNSO topics for 30 Nov and 1st Dec 2005

  1. Anycast root - background, protocol, design, technology, implementation and mana gement. (John Crain/Steve Conte, .jp and others).

  2. Internationalised domain names - a brief history, where are we now, what do ccTLD managers need to be aware of and/or do, moving forwards. (Hiro Hotta and Charles Shaban).

  3. Mega registrants - a discussion on problems arising from very large numbers of domain names in a ccTLD be registered to one entity. (Bernie Turcotte).

  4. ICANN beyond the Memorandum Of Understanding with the US Government. (Paul Twomey)

  5. ICANN Verisign agreement - discussion. (Paul Twomey and a representative from Verisign tba)

  6. Update on pdp (members vote should be concluded so the update will be next steps in the process) and lessons learned from the pdp process, feedback and possible changes to the process. (Bart Boswinkel).

  7. Accountability Frameworks (hopefully WG report will have been to the council and published for members comments).

  8. IANA report of IANA WG and a question and answer session with (new) IANA staff

  9. Report on WSIS process following prepcom 3 and the meeting in Tunisia

  10. Reports from other ccNSO working groups

  11. Joint session with GAC (topic tba)

  12. ICANN strategic plan report on progress so far and issues in the plan of relev ance to ccTLDs.

  13. Report from ccNSO appointed Board members

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