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ccSO Liaison Officers

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ccTLD Liaison Officers

The ccTLD managers in the Marina del Rey ccTLD meeting agreed that it would be helpful to appoint specific "liaison officers" to assist with developing and maintaining 2-way communications with other components of ICANN, in the build up to the launch of the ccSO. Nominations for liaison between the ccTLD Constituency/ccSO* (*= "in formation") and the other constituencies of the DNSO by ccTLD Managers were requested. The task will include acting as the contact point between each constituency and the ccTLD AdCom, over issues arising from or related to the ccSO formation. Details of the concerns of other constituencies about the ccSO* are to be sought, synthesised and presented to AdCom. Once responses are prepared, the LO will be responsible for conveying them to the constituencies. One person may act as liaison to more than one constituency.

Here is the list of possible candidates for Liaison Officers suggested by the AdCom:

* The pending liaison officers will be updated according to the AdCom.

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