The ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO


Brief History of the DNSO and the ccTLD constituency

Principles of the ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO

The initial members of the ccTLD Administration Committee:

In accordance with the Constituency Principles, each of the five regions recognised by ICANN is permitted to have representation in the Administrative Committee together with any affiliation of ccTLDs which has 10 members or more. To speed up the process of establishing the constituency and creating an electoral process, an initial Adminstration Committee has been selected:

ccTLD Names Council Representatives:

Following gobal elections during August 1999, the three ccTLD constieuncy representatives in the DNSO Names Council are: Names Council Elections

Details of the global elections in which all ccTLDs were entitled to vote to elect three members to the Names Council of the Domain Name Support Organisation

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