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Progress Report, 3 July - 31 October 2000

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2 November 2000

Written by Abhisak Chulya

Interim Secretariat Progress Report

3 July - 31 October 2000

1. Establishment

Established on July 3, 2000 on a joint effort between THNIC and AFNIC. Duration: July 3 - November 15, 2000. Extended by AdCom for 90 more days or until the Permanent Secretariat is in place. Web site: has been transferred from Fay Howard and has been updated periodically. Mailing lists have also been set up and managed.

2. Staff

Executive Director - Kanchana Kanchanasut, part time, THNIC
Deputy Director - Abhisak Chulya, full time, THNIC
Project Manager - Elisabeth Porteneuve, part time, AFNIC
Technical Officer - Jean Philipe Pick, part time, AFNIC, & Pensri Arunwatanamongkol, part time, THNIC
Accountant - part time, AFNIC

3. Yokohama meeting

ccTLD constituency meeting took place on 12-13 July, 2000 in Yokohama, Japan. The logistics of meetings were organized by Kilnam Chon with the local assistance from JPNIC. The secretariat did facilitate the running of the meetings. Meeting reports and summary (20000712.Yokohama-summary.html) have been prepared by the secretariat.

4. Compiling Self-Select region for voting purpose and updating IANA database

We have sent out the Self-Select form to all 244 ccTLD registries as well as asking them to update the information based on IANA who-is database. Eighty nine (89) ccTLD registries answered our emails and their answers are posted on web site at elections/mapmembers.html. This information will be used for NC election (voting roster). As suggested by the AdCom, we have sent all the updated information on IANA who-is database to Louis Touton and urged all those ccTLDs who want their database updated to send the changes directly to Louis Touton as well. Louis Touton replied to this matter is as expected and that is if the information changed not involved the Admin Contacts and/or Technical contacts, it can be updated automatically following the steps. But if the changes related to Admin and Technical contacts, those ccTLDs must contact him directly by filling out the template and this process will take longer because it often involves redelegation issue. He also suggested that we set up the list specifically for voting instead of relying on AdminContact list in the future.

5. AdCom Teleconference and Face-to-Face meetings

Four AdCom meetings have been organized by Secretariat:

  1. 12 Jul 2000 20000712.ACyokohama-minutes.html

    Yokohama AdCom meeting 1: WGs status, ccTLD Secretariat funding

  2. 14 Jul 2000 20000714.ACyokohama-minutes.html

    Yokohama AdCom meeting 2: WGs status, ccTLD Secretariat, NC election, Meeting in November,

  3. 19 Aug 2000 20000819.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    NC election and ICANN BoD election, funding to ICANN, funding to Secretariat, WGs, LA meeting

  4. 22 Oct 2000 20001022.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Preparation LA November Meeting, ccTLD vs. ICANN-IANA, delegation of ccTLD, permanent Secretariat, interim Secretariat funding, WGs, NC election

6. DNSO Names Council Election

During the month of October, Secretariat has conducted Names Council Election to elect the three new NCs and the officially results are: Peter de Blanc (North America), Elisabeth Porteneuve (Europe), and Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay (Latin America) will serve as DNSO Names Council to represent the ccTLD Constituency for the term of two years.

7. Outreach Activities

Due to budget constraint, we could not do the outreach by visiting to some countries as stated in the Proposal. All we have done is to campaign for Peter de Blanc for ICANN Board Position. We have sent out TWO campaign emails to those 89 ccTLDs who answered to our self-select form. The responses were not bad at all. We have more than 50 endorsees for Peter de Blanc but this is still not enough. Peter de Blanc did not get selected to be on the ICANN Board by DNSO Names Council.

8. Translation Network

All the important documents such as Bylaws, Best Practices Guidelines, Redelegations, have been translated into French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. We are still waiting for Hindi and Arabic. With the help of Oscar Robles (Spanish), Yann Kwok (French), Maria Stepanova (Russian), Ohashi Yumi (Japanese), Walter Wu Yangyi (Chinese), more than two billion people can now read these documents in their own languages.

9. LA Meeting Preparation

Agenda, hotel reservation, meeting rooms, registrations are all prepared by the Secretariat for ccTLD meeting on Nov. 12 at Courtyard by Marriott and Nov. 13 at Marina Beach Marriott Hotel.

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