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5 November, 2001

Written by Seung Yeon Yoo and Byung-Kyu Kim

Permanent Secretariat Progress Report
4th July- 3rd November, 2001

    1. ccTLD voting

    - Formation of the ccSO

    The ccTLD secretariat conducted an on-line vote on the formation of the ccSO. The secretariat received 34 votes in total 34. The results of the motion, "Draft of the process of formation of a cc Support Organization be adopted" were: 30 in favor, 1 opposed, and 3 abstained. The motion is passed.

    The secretariat accepted additional supporters of the formation of the ccSO from 24 July to the start of the Montevideo meeting in order to get a stronger consensus among the ccTLD managers. 18 ccTLD managers sent in their support for the formation of the ccSO. Therefore, with the sum of the additional supporters, 48 ccTLD managers are in favor of forming a ccSO, one opposed, and 3 abstained.

    - Best Practice Document

    Voting for the Best Practice Document was not yet conducted. The ccTLD constituency thought it would be best for them to solely concentrate on the formation of the ccSO.

    2. ccSO-discuss Mailing List

    The ccTLD secretariat established a mailing list for explicit discussions on ccSO called the ccSO-discuss mailing list. The ccso-discuss has the following charter for the list:

    a) each registry would be allowed one manager plus three to five observers from that registry depending on registry size,

    b) template will be set up to subscribe to the list,

    c) the list would be monitored by Secretariat who reserves the right to unsubscribe any members who do not follow the rules.

    d) AdComs would rule on any borderline or difficult cases on receive requests from Secretariat.

    3. ccTLD meeting in Montevideo on 6-7 September 2001.

    45 ccTLD managers and proxies attended the meeting and in total 65 ccTLDs were represented. The main focus of the meeting in Montevideo was the formation of the ccSO. A number of key principles that will be influential in the formation of the ccSO were developed and the structure of the ccSO was discussed. There was an IANA Work Shop on the next day of the ccTLD meeting and the 29 ccTLD managers who attended drafted a statement, expressing their concerns on the slow progress of the contracts with ICANN.

    Here are the meeting minutes, communiqués, important draft documents, and ICANN published documents:

    a. ccTLD meeting minutes

    b. Communiqué and position statements

    c. Important draft documents

    Finally, we would like to thank Hye-Young Kang and Albert Wang for helping the ccTLD Secretariat set up and organize the ccTLD meeting in Montevideo.

    4. AdCom Teleconference

    10 August 2001: The AdCom agreed that the Montevideo Meeting would solely focus on the formation of the ccSO. Peter Dengate Thrush has been preparing a draft bylaws for the new International organization, called "ccTLD INC". AdCom decided to create a ccso-discuss mailing list for more discussions on the ccSO Formation. These discussions would be continued by individual cc's and regional associations;e.g. by APTLD at its adhoc board meeting on 26 August. The contribution to the DNSO was discussed and the date until which the ccTLD Constituency would be obligated to contribute to DNSO was corrected to December 2001. It was also decided that the ccTLD constituency should pay more attention to the At Large Study Committee, for they are also under going changes of their structure. The agenda of the Montevideo meeting was drafted. The minutes can be seen at 20010810.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    10 October 2001: ccTLD Network of Secondary Server was discussed and decided that the ccTLD constituency should go forward with the so-called "ccTLD Next-Generation Server Cluster" as an experiment. A small committee will be set up to explore the possibility of setting up a cluster of ccTLD secondary servers. This will be discussed again in Marina del Rey, relating to the Security and Stability issues of ICANN. It was noted that the CENTR legal group meeting in Salzburg had intensive discussions on ccSO membership and it's voting scheme. A ccTLD version of the ccSO principles document is to be drafted after the CENTR legal group meeting. The AdCom agreed that the ccSO should have a limited list of certain policy binding to the ccTLD and Naming Policy, for IDN should be one of them. The ccTLD constituency will have an opportunity to meet and talk with the other constituencies, for their support. The AdCom drafted the agenda for the ccTLD meeting in Marina del Rey, 20011111.MdR-agenda.html. The agenda includes ccTLD Agreement, which it was decided that the Canadian Contract and the ccTLD Draft Agreement would be used as a starting point. It was proposed that AdCom give clear guidelines to the ccTLD Names Council for the NC teleconference. You can see the minutes of the AdCom meeting on 10 October, 2001 at 20011010.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    5. Outreach Activities

    Outreach activities were at Taipei, Taiwan in August. The ccTLD chair, the ccTLD secretariat, and APTLD members were the participants. There was an adhoc APTLD board meeting, which the participants drafted the APTLD principles 20010826.APTLD-ccSO-resolution.html. Asia Pacific Outreach supported travel expenses for the ccTLD AdCom chair and ccTLD Secretariat.

    6. Revision of the ccTLD website

    The ccTLD website is currently under-going some changes for a new look. It will be opened shortly after the MdR meeting.

    7. Financial Report






    Real Revenues

          .kr $10,000.00 $10,000.00
          .ae $250.00 $220.22
          .lt $500.00 $475.00
          .no $2,500.00 $2,482.20
          .cn $2,000.00 $1,977.21
          interim sec $678.00 $670.18
          RealNames $5,000.00 $4,992.20
 $2,195.00 $2,187.30
          Internet Driver $5,000.00 $4,992.30
          At the gate $2,600.00 $2,600.00
          .es $500.00 $500.00
          .co $800.00 $792.30
          .au $2,500.00 $2,500.00
          .se $3,000.00 $2,992.36
          .il $750.00 $750.00
          .ca $5,000.00 (expected)
          .nc $500.00 $493.68
    Expenses  Month Category      
        Stockholm Meeting (Venue)      
          Meeting expenses $1,611.46  
        ccTLD Secretariat Seoul Meeting      
          Meeting expenses $437.75  
        Staff Salary   $3,800.00  
          bank fee $33.52  
        AdCom Teleconference (Bangkok)      
          Phone Bill $60.44  
        Office supplies      
          labtop $2,500.00  
        ccTLD Secretariat Bangkok Meeting      
          Meeting expenses $1,166.66  
        Staff Salary   $3,800.00  
        AdCom Teleconference (Bangkok)      
          Phone Bill $54.86  
        Montevideo meeting   (Look at October)  
        Staff Salary   $3,800.00  
      October Montevideo Reception $3,259.50  
          Meeting expenses (Emergency stay in Chicago included) $8,892.13  
        Stockholm Reception $7,147.00  
        Staff Salary   $3,800.00  

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