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Re: [centr-ga] RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selectionof European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group

  • To: Chris Disspain <ceo@auda.org.au>
  • Subject: Re: [centr-ga] RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selectionof European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
  • From: Paul M Kane <Paul.Kane@nic.ac>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 13:26:24 +0100
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Please see my earlier mail re how we conducted the European election to 
the ADCOM - that election was more than CENTR membership as the web site 
says http://www.centr.org/elections describes both the process (open and 
transparent) and the electorate (inclusive)

The new ICANN region the list is larger now - (see below) and CENTR 
staff are trying hard to update the IANA database information with 
current accurate information - this is taking some time due to the 
number of errors in the IANA database.

    1        EU:ac: administrator@NIC.AC
    2        EU:ad: Postmaster@DINIS.AD
    3        EU:ai: vince@offshore.ai
    4        EU:al: vspahiu@ERT.GOV.AL
    5        EU:an: lpengel@attglobal.net
    6        EU:at: gf@nic.at
    7        EU:aw: jjmkelkboom@setarnet.aw
    8        EU:ba: dnsadmin@utic.net.ba
    9        EU:be: admin@dns.be
   10        EU:bg: dhs@digsys.bg
   11        EU:bm: directoris@bercol.bm
   12        EU:bv: alf.hansen@UNINETT.NO
   13        EU:by: admin-c@tld.by
   14        EU:ch: schneider@switch.ch
   15        EU:cz: prf@cz.net
   16        EU:de: dolderer@denic.de
   17        EU:dk: dk-tld-admin@dk-hostmaster.dk
   18        EU:ee: elippmaa@kbfi.ee
   19        EU:es: victor.castelo@rediris.es
   20        EU:fi: firootadmin@ficora.fi
   21        EU:fk: rep@figo.u-net.com
   22        EU:fo: petur.zachariassen@sleipnir.fo
   23        EU:fr: tld-admin@nic.fr
   24        EU:gf: fvdb@nplus.gf
   25        EU:gg: iana-c@nic.gg
   26        EU:gi: nic@gibnet.gi
   27        EU:gl: hm@tele.gl
   28        EU:gp: praimond@fcm.gp
   29        EU:gr: segred@ics.forth.gr ; noc@ics.forth.gr
   30        EU:gs: badger@sean.org
   31        EU:hr: Ivan.Maric@SRCE.hr
   32        EU:hu: iszt@nic.hu
   33        EU:ie: hostmaster@ucd.ie
   34        EU:im: info@advsys.co.uk
   35        EU:io: administrator@nic.io
   36        EU:is: hjons@isgate.is
   37        EU:it: direttore@iit.cnr.it
   38        EU:je: hostmaster@isles.net
   39        EU:ky: clint@trust.org.ky
   40        EU:li: mgraf@fh-liechtenstein.li
   41        EU:lt: daiva@litnet.lt
   42        EU:lu: barthel@restena.lu
   43        EU:lv: guntis@latnet.lv
   44        EU:mc: nic@nic.mc
   45        EU:md: chirev@mdearn.cri.md
   46        EU:mk: cajo@ultra.ultra.com.mk; cajo@unet.com.mk
   47        EU:mq: claude@outremer.com
   48        EU:ms: hostmaster@nic.ms
   49        EU:mt: admin@nic.org.mt
   50        EU:nc: colin@noumea.ird.nc
   51        EU:nl: bureau@sidn.nl
   52        EU:no: he@uninett.no
   53        EU:pf: gl@mail.pf
   54        EU:pl: pl-admin@dns.pl
   55        EU:pm: tld-admin@nic.fr
   56        EU:pn: admin@pitcairn.gov.pn
   57        EU:pt: Pedro.Veiga@fccn.pt
   58        EU:re: tld-admin@nic.fr
   59        EU:ro: estaicut@rnc.ro
   60        EU:ru: plat@ripn.net
   61        EU:se: ii-stiftelsen@iis.se
   62        EU:sh: administrator@nic.sh
   63        EU:si: bonac@arnes.si
   64        EU:sj: alf.hansen@UNINETT.NO
   65        EU:sk: ilescak@ew.sk
   66        EU:sm: adellabalda@intelcom.sm
   67        EU:tc: hostmaster@nic.tc
   68        EU:tf: hostmaster@jaune.com
   69        EU:ua: dk@farm.org
   70        EU:uk: nominet@nominet.org.uk
   71        EU:va: pasquini@vatican.va
   72        EU:vg: hostmaster@nic.vg
   73        EU:wf: tld-admin@nic.fr
   74        EU:yt: tld-admin@nic.fr
   75        EU:yu: mtasic@matf.bg.ac.yu / etasicm@etf.bg.ac.yu

Whether this information once updated is used for the LG process or the 
real Council Election, CENTR staff are working hard to try and be ready 
once teh call for service.  this takes time....



Chris Disspain wrote:

>* This offer is provided free from 
>any charge or requirement to be a member of CENTR as a service to the 
>community and this offer is being rejected. That is fine .... it is a 
>free world ... but I want it on record.*
>Paul, where has this offer been rejected and how would you deal with
>those in Europe who do not wish to participate in a Cent process?
>Chris Disspain
>CEO - auDA
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Paul M Kane [mailto:Paul.Kane@nic.AC] 
>Sent: Wednesday, 23 July 2003 18:22
>To: Chris Disspain
>Cc: 'Alf Hansen'; 'CENTR GA'; cctld-discuss@wwtld.org
>Subject: Re: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European
>candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
>Hi Chris
>Chris Disspain wrote:
>>The problem is that Centr cannot speak for those in Europe who are not
>>members unless they consent to Centr doing so.
>CENTR does not "speak" for any ccTLD even if they are members of CENTR -
>it is a forum for discussion, information exchange and a facilitator of 
>consensus building. We promote ccTLDs making decisions at the local 
>level in the interest of their local internet community.
>CENTR offered to conduct outreach, contact every ccTLD manager (as the 
>IANA database is out of date), and invite them to participate in a  
>process to select a representative.  This offer is provided free from 
>any charge or requirement to be a member of CENTR as a service to the 
>community and this offer is being rejected. That is fine .... it is a 
>free world ... but I want it on record.
>The LG has not conducted outreach, has not contacted every ccTLD manager
>in ICANN's enlarged Europe (as the IANA database is inaccurate), 
>therefore has not invited all European ccTLDs to participate in the 
>process of selecting a representative, but the LG is conducting an 
>internal selection process.  All I am saying is I am not comfortable 
>with that process.
>>The current LG membership is having a conference call today and we will
>>discuss (doubtless at length) the situation. Hopefully we can reach a
>>solution that is acceptable.
>Good luck on your call .... I am sure you will find an acceptable 
>solution. ;-)

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