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Root Server System Advisory Committee Status Report from Yokohama

The slides presentation given at ICANN Public Forum, 15 July 2000, is archived in
The attached is text-only content.

Root Server System Advisory Committee

Jun Murai, Chair of RSSAC/ICANN Director
   ICANN Public meeting
   July'15, 2000
   Pacifico, Yokohama

The DNS Tree

Slide 3
(Text from Slide 3 follows)

          Semantics of TLDs
          Which TLD should be added/deleted?
          Who own that specific TLD?

                        |                  Who and Where are the
                        |                  (new) root servers?

     1.  Update the database
     2.  Share the database among the distributed
         root servers
     3.  Make it available to everyone

                                           IANA/Root Server Operators

Extracts from ICANN Bylaws
   To advise the Board about the operation of the root name
   servers of the domain name system.
    To advise the Board on the operational requirements of
   root name servers, including host hardware capacities,
   operating systems and name server software versions,
   network connectivity and physical environment.
   To examine and to advise on the security aspects of the
   root name server system.
   To review the number, location, and distribution of root
   name servers considering the total system performance,
   robustness, and reliability.

The Past Meetings
   March 2, 1999 in Singapore (Apricot)
   March 16,  1999 in Minneapolis (IETF)
   June 21, 1999 in San Jose (INET99)
   July 12, 1999 in OSLO (IETF)
   November 9, 1999 in Washington D.C.(IETF)
   March 27, In Adelaide (IETF)

List of the Root Servers
(Text from List of the Root Servers follows)

     name org       city                    type   url
      a   InterNIC  Herndon, VA, US         com
      b   ISI       Marina del Rey, CA, US  edu
      c   PSInet    Herndon, VA, US         com
      d   UMD       College Park, MD, US    edu
      e   NASA      Mt View, CA, US         usg
      f   ISC       Palo Alto, CA, US       com
      g   DISA      Vienna, VA, US          usg
      h   ARL       Aberdeen, MD, US        usg
      i   NORDUnet  Stockholm, SE           int
      j   (TBD)     (colo w/A)               0
      k   RIPE      London, UK              int
      l   (TBD)     (colo w/B)               0
      m   WIDE      Tokyo, JP               int

Slide 7
(World Map with Root Servers)

Root server architecture of today
   Change decision
   Change zone file:
        Zone file management (currently, at A)
        Synchronized with the database
   Distribution of the zone information
        To the rest of root servers

The new root server architecture
   Dedicated primary to be responsible for the root zone
        Then distribute onto root servers
   Technically discussed and prepared.
        For possible transition
        With secure, robust and reliable manner
        Transparent to users
   Agreed with existing operators.
   "When" is subject to operational readiness of the new
   structure and to the final contract for change

Operational requirements
        "Operational Criteria for Root Name Servers" by
        Bill Manning and Paul Vixie
        "Root Name Server Operational Requirements"
        by Bush, Karrenberg, Kosters and Plzak
   IETF DNSOP Working group
        Since March 1999
        Root Server Operation
        co-chaired by Lars-Johan Liman and Ray Plzak

Add/delete of the root namer servers
   Operational requirements: done
   Measurement and Analysis for extend/change the root name
        Work initiated by Evi Nemeth, Univ. of Colorado
        Jointly working with CAIDA

Slide 12

Slide 13


Other issues on agenda
   Financial sources of the root server operators
   Multilingual domain name impacts
   Stability, reliability and security:
            Making a -CLEAN- tree of DNS reverse zones.
            Checking the accuracy of DNS delegation, we
            aim to make a clean DNS tree.
            Deployment of safe DNS servers and DNSsec

System Design
(schema graphic)

The version number of bind which are running in the Internet.

The number of DNS servers categorized by BIND version. (as of
November 1999)
   8.1.2           95863
   8.2             23988
   8.2.1           21158
   4.9.7           20824
   8.1.1           11968
   4.9.6           7712
   4.9.7-TB1       5808
   8.1.2-TB2       5759
   Others          7626

Formal agreement
        Formal agreement between ICANN and each of the root
        server operators (organizations)
        MoU between ICANN and each operator for developing
        and prepare the contractual procedure
   Formal agreement
        In Draft
        Being reviewed by operators and ICANN

Submission to DOC /USG
   "Enhanced" architecture for Root Server System
   Technical Transition Plan
   Implementation Schedule
   ICANN-Operator Agreement
   IANA editing procedures after the transition
   ICANN-DOC agreement on approval procedures

Important URLs
   RSSAC Y2K Statement

   The seventh meeting of RSSAC is planned
        During IETF/Pittsburgh (Tuesday, August 1)
   Expected agenda of the seventh meeting
        Primary transition moving forward
        Contractual process moving forward
        Statistic analysis task review
        DNSSEC experiments update
        IPv6 experiments update
        Multilingual domain names impact
   Mailing list:

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