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Articles (Bylaws) document for ccTLD Managers, version 2.2

Published 9 July 2000, the version v2.2 in English (for other langages see later): ccTLD.Articles.v2.2.html

History in the making

After the Cairo ICANN Meetings (6-10 March 2000), the Administrative Committee set up three ccTLD Working Groups:

and a Task Force for the revision of ccTLD Bylaws.

The ccTLD Constituency Bylaws Working Group is chaired by Peter de Blanc, co-chair Nii Quaynor.

On 25 June 2000 the ccTLD Constituency Bylaws WG submitted for comments the following initial ccTLD.Articles.v1.0.html Draft Document (also original hacked and combined version of several contributions Word version).

On 9 July 2000 the version v2.2 has been released:

The stable version of Articles is expected end of July 2000.

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