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Contract ccTLD with ICANN

The following document is a basis for the ccTLD contract with ICANN:

Other documents worth to be read:

History in the making

After the Cairo ICANN Meetings (6-10 March 2000), the Administrative Committee set up three ccTLD Working Groups:

and a Task Force for the revision of ccTLD Bylaws.

The ICANN Services to ccTLD Working Group is chaired by Nii Quaynor, co-chaired by Eva Frölich, Peter de Blanc, Byung-Kyu Kim, Jose Luiz Ribeiro.

Documents on ICANN Services

On 26 June 2000 the ccTLD Working Group on ICANN Root Services produced the following document:

Preparing ccTLD contract with ICANN

On 14 November 2000 the ccTLD Meeting in Marina del Rey discussed the CENTR 7th Draft, prepared by its Legal and Regulatory group, and produced the following working document as a basis for the ccTLD contract with ICANN:

In Marina del Rey, many colleagues have expressed interest to further discuss how to sign ccTLD-ICANN contracts, a mailing list has been organized by the secretariat to assist in these discussions.

To subscribe send an email to with "subscribe cctld-lex" in the body of your message. Archives in cctld-lex archive (access with a password to the ccTLD members only).

The Interim Secretariat views this as an important gathering having direct contribution to our ccTLD community as a whole hence encourage members to participate in the mailing list. The activity may be viewed as an extending the coverage of what CENTR has been doing headed by Willie Black to the entire ccTLD community.

The jurisdiction and applicable law under which the ccTLD-ICANN contract is to be signed are to be discussed. The ccTLD may also wish to consider the International Chamber of Commerce Maritime Arbitration scheme as a basis for ccTLD-ICANN contract. The full text (translated to many languages) is on the ICC website

Current Root service

The current root service is provided by ICANN/IANA. The ICANN DNS Root Server System Advisory Committee RSSAC is chaired by Jun Murai from Japan.

On 15 July 2000 in Yokohama, Jun Murai presented the RSSAC Status Report.

Additional information on Root servers.

The list of 13 current root servers

The map of 13 current root servers

IAB Technical Comment on the Unique DNS Root

About ccTLD Registries.

The ccTLD Constituency of the DNSO is composed of ccTLD Registries. The roster of ccTLD Registries is maintained by ICANN in IANA ccTLD database

On 18 June 2000 the IANA ccTLD Root-Zone Whois database presentation has been changed and updated. The IANA will, in time, operate a port 43 and web Whois service for the root. Root whois will be coordinated with root zone file generation. For now, the IANA have the web service for the contact information only because of difficulties in keeping the NSI Registrar system current.

The IANA Internic whois database Custodianship, see ../../ccwhois/, is of utmost importance to the ccTLD Constituency.

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