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Best Practices document for ccTLD Managers, version 4.0 and 4.1

Version 4.0, 10 March 2001, Melbourne: 20010310.BestPractice.html
Agreed in Melbourne by those ccTLD managers present, subject to subsequent electronic vote of ccTLD Managers to confirm it.

Version 4.1, 01 June 2001, Stockholm: 20010601.BestPractice.html.
One sentence has been modified.

History in the making

After the Cairo ICANN Meetings (6-10 March 2000), the Administrative Committee set up three ccTLD Working Groups:

and a Task Force for the revision of ccTLD Bylaws.

The Best Practice & Delegation/Re-delegation of ccTLD Working Group is chaired by Antony van Couvering, co-chaired by Dennis Jennings, Yann Kwok, Bill Semich, Patricio Poblete.

The drafts has been prepared on the ccTLD Drafting site, where all information and related documents may be found.

These drafts for comment by ccTLD Constituency are:

The translation to Spanish was made by Oscar Robles, with the caveat Please note that this translations ARE NOT authoritative and may have slightly different sense on the meaning of some phrases.

The translation to Russian was made by Maria Stepanova in consultation with Basil (Vassily) Dolmatov and Seva Gluschenko, under the recomendations of Stanislaw Raczynski, Dmitry Morozovsky, Andrey V. Stolyarov and Kira Litvina, and with technical support of Sergey Vovk The remark about the authors of translation is included in Russian versions of Best Practices and Re/Delegation Guideliness.

The translation to Chinese is a curtesy of Prof. Walter Wu

The translation to French is a curtesy of Yann Kwok

The translation to Japanese is a curtesy of Yumi Ohashi

The translation to Arabic is a curtesy of .AE Registry and Sultan Al Shamsi

The translation to Korean is a curtesy of .KR Registry and Myungkoo Kang of Seoul National University

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